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The manufacturer's guarantee provisions apply to the items in our range. The guarantee is provided for defects in material and construction for a period of 24 months from delivery of the goods. Any other guarantee is expressly excluded.

If the buyer asserts justified defects within the meaning of these provisions, Nordish Living GmbH has the choice of repairing the defects or replacing the defective goods or parts thereof with new ones. If this is not possible, the buyer receives the current value of the goods in the form of a voucher. The duration of the warranty is not renewed or extended by any repairs or replacement deliveries.

All claims must be submitted by form or email to with product photos and a description of the case. A receipt or order number must always be included.

Liability must be examined and acknowledged by Nordish Living for each complaint received. If the claim is accepted, the buyer can return the defective item to the store during opening hours. Otherwise, Nordish Living can provide return labels. A replacement will be shipped to the buyer upon receipt of the defective item. If the pieces of furniture are bulky, you will be informed by email about how to proceed.

Excluded from liability:

Further claims by the buyer, including lost profits, consequential damages or other financial losses are expressly excluded within the scope of what is legally permissible.

The warranty is excluded for damage that can be attributed to normal wear and tear or improper use or other fault on the part of the buyer. Furthermore, the warranty is excluded if the customer or third parties have carried out repairs, assembly or changes to the goods.

Nordish Living GmbH rejects any liability for damage caused by the use of the goods to the building fabric (e.g. floor, walls) or to the buyer's furniture. Before use, the buyer must ensure that the product cannot cause any damage.

Normally, no guarantee can be given for the lightfastness of the colors of wood, leather, plastic and certain textile fabrics. Deviations in structure and color are unavoidable for certain materials (wood, marble, leather, textiles, etc.) compared to the specifications and therefore do not justify complaints or warranty claims.

In the case of articles that are antique or made with an antique appearance, the characteristic appearance is reinforced by signs of use. This does not constitute a defect.

We do not provide any guarantee for SALE items and exhibits. We recommend all interested parties to contact us by e-mail, telephone or in person to find out about the exact condition of the object they intend to buy.