2,075.00 CHF
  • Material: Solid oak, possibly combined with laminate or linoleum
  • Size: D 90 x H 74 cm
  • Description: EAT RECTANGULAR looks light, can be matched with many different types of dining chairs and is able to withstand everyday use.
  • Ask for Custom Size

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    VIA CPH Materialien Übersicht
    Ask for custom size

    “Our production methods are based on contrasts – man vs. machine, traditional craftsmanship vs. modern CNC computer milling, etc.
    To us, the story of a piece of furniture includes the person or persons who made it. It is important to know that our skilled cabinetmakers put a lot of love and hard work into every product.
    Our joinery shop is equipped with many different machines, each one specialised in performing certain jobs to perfection. When a product requires other specialised machines, we always aim use local Danish sub-suppliers.”

    Treatment & Packiging

    “Last stop before delivery of the final product is here – when we treat the specific piece of furniture with the desired care product. By using primarily eco-friendly care products like Bio-oil and natural soap, we want to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.
    When packaging our furniture, we use the exact same frame of mind. Protective wrapping and cardboard are only used when the product is ready for its final journey to you. We do not have a warehouse full of pre-made products packaged unnecessarily…”


    “Products generally have a huge impact on our environment – an impact mainly fuelled by overconsumption. We encourage conscious consumption indirectly through technology and a lean production. In most parts of the world, there are regulations on wood and other materials used for furniture manufacturing. It is nearly impossible to acquire wood that is not environment-certified and that is a very positive development. We wish to take sustainability to the next level and make furniture that lasts both physically and emotionally – We call this sustainability 2.0.